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The first show. Beyond Budgeting
Thur April 30th 2020

Guest: Bjarte Bogsnes

2020 State of the Art Business Agility
Tue May 5th 2020

Guest: Evan Leybourn

Business Agility! How to get there!
Thur May 7th 2020

Guest: Evan Leybourn

Business Agility does not care about Agile!
Tue May 12th 2020

Guest: Stephen Parry

Transformational Leadership is Key!
Thur May 14th 2020

Guest: Jardena London

Scaling a Culture of Innovation at OVO Energy
Tue May 19th 2020

Guest: Kim Atherton

Make it, so you don’t have to fake it – How Teal works and how it may help you.
Thur May 14th 2020

Guest: Timm Urschinger

The Cuts are coming? Change Now or Never!
Tue Jun 2nd 2020

Guest: Phil Abernathy

Stop looking for Work! Let your next Job find you!!
Tue Jun 18th 2020

Guest: Jeff Gothelf